We provide companies with the Resources and the Expertise needed to Eliminate Talent & Skills Shortages.


We also help them identify and build their brand, improve employee moral, align corporate goals with actionable and measurable strategies and help to make them a Destination Employer for the top talent within their industry.

Locating highly skilled employees has its challenges, but finding the right candidate doesn't require luck. Baron Douglas has perfected a system for identifying, recruiting and retaining the best talent while boosting your brand, and working towards making your company a Destination Employer.  Our experience has focused on a variety of industries, some of which include: Construction, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Engineering and IT.

 Some of the world's most successful companies have relied on Baron Douglas for our Management Consulting & Talent Management Services.

Partnering with Baron Douglas gives you access to professionals with expertise in developing and implementing one of the most comprehensive talent acquisition plans in use today.  Our extensive technical knowledge combined with our proprietary system creates a sustainable and repeatable model that is fluid and adaptable to allow for future growth.  Find out how Baron Douglas can accelerate your growth, and align your strategic plans with organizational and shareholder expectations and requirements.



Aligning your systems, people, products, culture and brand identity is a challenge that few firms outside of the "greats" manage to achieve.  Many times the Strategic Plan, or even the ability to sit down and devise a strategic plan is overshadowed by a need to focus on the tasks currently at-hand, while strategic alignment is thought of as a non-income producing task that can be put off for later.  

While great firms recognize that strategic alignment is a necessity for numerous reasons, most of which have incredible impact on ROI and the bottom line; many don't recognize this fact until it is too late, or until they are forced to sell to a firm who strategically targeted them for a takeover.  

Baron Douglas works with your firm to help identify, promote and align all aspects your company to ensure that you can maximize the resources and value that your firm provides.   




Having an updated Compliance & Ethics policy and procedures program is becoming increasingly important, and expected by government agencies, shareholders, employees, subcontractors and many others. 

Our team which includes Attorneys, Certified Compliance Professionals, Engineers and Organizational Consultants has developed an exceptional compliance and cultural assessment, audit and implementation plan.  Our program helps promote law abidance and ethical conduct; improves and overcomes Compliance & Ethics challenges, and identifies areas of risk without sacrificing efficiency or increasing costs. 

In fact, our solutions lead to increased sales and stronger contractual relationships as a result of vendor and agency reassurance that they are doing business with a partner that prioritizes exemplary legal and contractually compliant behavior. 




TAlent Management

Recruiting the right candidate, or the right amount of candidates can be a challenge.  When your team requires assistance from the best, you want Baron Douglas working for you.  

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Consulting Services

Ready to take the next step? From Strategic Recruitment Planning to Compliance & Organizational Consulting, we can develop a plan that meets your company's needs.

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