Having an updated Compliance & Ethics policy and procedures program is becoming increasingly important, and expected by government agencies, shareholders, employees, subcontractors and many others. 

Our team which includes Attorneys, Certified Compliance Professionals, Engineers and Organizational Consultants has developed an exceptional compliance and cultural assessment; audit; and internal governance/compliance implementation plan.  Our program helps promote law abidance and ethical conduct; improves and overcomes compliance & ethics challenges, and identifies areas of risk with pre-audit assessments.  We are proud to say that we are able to execute our program without sacrificing organizational efficiency. 

In fact, our goal is to provide your company with solutions that lead to increased sales and stronger contractual relationships as a result of vendor and agency reassurance that they are doing business with a partner that prioritizes exemplary legal and contractually compliant behavior. 

After identifying your specific industry and departmental needs, our internal and external team of highly qualified consultants get to work building a customized organizational assessment,  departmental strategic oversight plans, and an alignment and implementation program that addresses the specific areas needed to fully align your organization with your strategic goals in a compliant and ethical model that will pay dividends for years to come. 

Baron Douglas also performs internal audits, helping to identify areas of concern and vulnerability, aimed at reducing your exposure.  Creating defined programs, policies and procedures protects your assets; limits personal & board liability; leads to increased sales opportunities & revenue growth; improves your companies cultural and ethical identity and strengthens your organization's foundation for how it does business with clients, vendors and it's own employees.


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