We Create Talent Strategies that are Aligned with Your Company's Needs & Goals through Strategic Personnel Acquisition Planning.


Companies face a host of challenges in today's ever evolving war for talent.  A shortage of qualified candidates, and strategies that typically accumulates too many of the "wrong" resumes wastes the time of your internal staff creating both opportunity costs and tangible costs. 

Odds are, if your company is like most, your internal recruiting department (if you have one), isn't producing either enough candidates, or the right quality of candidates to fill your job openings.  A lack of technical or professional knowledge, an unwillingness to take time to speak with the hiring managers to understand the true attributes needed to be successful in the role, or just too little time to handle the amount of openings they are responsible for are all issues that Baron Douglas can help your company overcome.  We can also help to realign your internal teams focus on the resources that will generate the greatest return.

If you're using an outsourced recruiting or staff augmentation firm we guarantee our ability to renegotiate your contracts to increase the number and quality of the candidates you are receiving.  We can also improve the turnaround time on candidates that you receive from those sources, and if needed, manage multiple providers to improve the return on your yearly staff augmentation spend.  

When I needed help with organizational issues, Doug quickly responded with the relevant solution. He personally managed a three-week consulting engagement and brought in other experts from his team to quickly help assess the situation and provide specific recommendations. He delivered what we needed on time and in scope.
— Henry Yeager, Managing Principle Banner Group

Strategic Consulting - Guaranteed Results

We work with a variety of clients and industries to improve and facilitate recruitment and talent acquisition programs, personnel needs assessments, program alignments, retention programs, compliance adherence, tactical employee engagements and M&A transitions and assessments.

  • Defining Talent Acquisition Sourcing Models to meet both Quality & Quantity Requirements.
  • MSP - Managed Service Provider, RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Planning, Development and Overall Management & Execution of the Recruitment Process for a wide range of organizations, including 501c's through International Corporations.
  • M&A Talent Assessments and Integration Planning.
  • Vendor Management & Contract Negotiation Consulting - Proper Rate and Terms Negotiation for Contract and Staff Augmentation Services can result in Savings totaling in the Millions. 
  • On-Boarding Development, Review, Revision planning and Implementation.