No matter what your background may be, one thing that holds true for everyone is that finding that perfect job that takes advantage of your skills, knowledge and expertise can be incredibly hard to find.  When you add in the fact that you want a company that will pay you a good wage, provide great benefits, be within your commuting range and which can provide you with advancement opportunities, it can seem nearly impossible.   Worse yet, most calls from recruiters are for temp or contract positions that are either short term contracts, or positions that start as contract roles with no real guarantee that it will lead to a permanent job.  


When you take a contract or contract to hire job with a typical staffing agency, your priorities and theirs are not aligned.  On contract, Staffing Agencies make their money by getting you to accept the lowest rate possible, while they charge the client company as much as they can.  By doing this, they can increase their profit which is the difference between those two numbers after they pay all employment related taxes and burdens.  In short, the less they pay you, the more they make.  

Baron Douglas NEVER offers contract or contract to hire positions.  We know you want to be able to have stability in your job.  We know you want access to good benefits, training, and we recognize that being treated like a "Temp" isn't what anyone wants.  With our system, we get paid by our client companies based on how much you make per hour.  That means that the more you get paid, the more we make.  That guarantees you that we will fight to get you everything you deserve in a salary.  

We will also be honest about the jobs we have available, if we believe you would be a good match, and will be honest about the details of the job and the company.  That's because we only get paid for placing you with our clients if you are still in the job after six or twelve months.  

If we were to lie to you about the job or company, and you leave early, we ruin our relationship with you and we don't get paid in full for placing you.  While we love what we do, we aren't looking to do it for free.  It's nice to know that the company you are partnering with has your best interest in mind, not only because they want to help, but also because it's in their best interest as well.