Providing Real Solutions that Solve Talent Acquisition Challenges no matter your industry, or company size.

While the primary focus for many companies regarding talent acquisition revolves around where they will find an adequate amount of skilled talent within the time frame and budget they require; many of those same companies struggle to find ways to manage their yearly spend and the ever increasing costs that staff augmentation firms represent to their bottom line.  

Baron Douglas has devised a range of staffing models to meet your firm's objectives while providing some exciting cash flow payment options that maximize your return on investment, and defray the typical bulk costs present in most staffing models.  


Doug and Baron Douglas Consulting are an ideal fit for staffing needs. My clients have used him on several occassions with excellent results. He goes the extra mile and I’d highly recommend him.
— Tim Klimchock, CPA, CCIFP Shareholder Stambaugh Ness, P.C. / Partner at Stambaugh Ness Business Solutions, LLP


Baron Douglas Consulting, LLC is a niche practice offering Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions & Strategic Planning Consultation to some of the world's most innovative and successful companies.  We also have a passion for helping those firms who are aiming to be the best, or are well on their way.

In an environment where "innovation", "service" and "adaptability" are at the forefront of boardroom and backroom conversations at firms of all sizes; where the challenge to distinguish your company as "unique" and "innovative" feels as much a requirement as your body's need to breathe, and where the talent that drives not only your innovation, but also your operations constantly becomes more challenging to find, and to keep, it's comforting to know that a solution to those challenges exists. Baron Douglas is the firm that can help to lead you in that transition to success.


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seeming impossible, and being impossible are two different things.

Recruitment programs that achieve the desired result of hiring qualified candidates who meet the company's culture within the required time-frame and budget are not pie in the sky hopes and dreams.  They are ATTAINABLE & REALISTIC GOALS.  The challenge many firms face is that they are handcuffed by what they don't know, and that lack of understanding is what creates the barrier to hiring the talent they need.

Without question, there are some great resources available to companies who are looking to hire; but occasionally, those resources actually get in the way of making good hires.  Baron Douglas will work with your firm to avoid these challenges and deliver on your requirements.